I’m an approved Parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats and spokesperson for Earlsfield in Tooting. I’m also a journalist and a trustee for a charity working with parents of young children in Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea and Hammersmith and Fulham.

I was born in Balham and raised in Wandsworth, growing up in Wandsworth Common, and attending  comprehensive school in Putney. My son was born at St George’s Hospital, which is currently caring for my mum, who has end stage Alzheimer’s.

The issues that matter to me most are the same as the ones that matter to you: ensuring all our children have access to quality education, protecting our NHS, the climate emergency, crime and policing, the rights of refugees and of course, remaining in Europe.

I have successfully lobbied Wandsworth Council on issues ranging from road safety and cycle paths to refuse collection and child neglect. When my mum tripped and fell on the uneven paving stones on Magdalen Road leading down to Earlsfield Library, breaking her nose, I was successful in getting the paving stones replaced.

As a mum I know what it’s like to have to find good affordable local childcare, then fight to get your child into the local schools, and knowing lots of teachers I’m also very aware of the funding issues our schools face.

I also know what it’s like when our children become teenagers, and you worry about them coming home in the dark after school. My own son was mugged several times when he was a teenager, and growing up in Wandsworth I knew kids who were murdered. I know the impact it has on friends, loved ones and communities; it grieves me greatly that nothing has changed, and the scale of what’s happening now is horrendous and it must stop. I’m in regular contact with our local police about the issues our community faces and believe strongly that we need more community policing and more investment and resources for our young people to help keep them safe. 

Since joining the Liberal Democrats last August I have thrown myself into campaigning; I have helped with local elections, by-elections and the European elections, and canvassed, door-knocked and phone-banked for constituencies all over London and further afield.

I’m extremely resourceful, have endless energy and enthusiasm and I’m passionate about helping the Lib Dems win. 

As a journalist I’ve spent over 15 years of my career interviewing people from all walks of life about their stories, and this has given me invaluable skills for communicating with people from different backgrounds. People trust me, they open up to me and I view that as a tremendous privilege and take the responsibility very seriously.

I don’t take no for an answer, I’m a skillful negotiator, and after a lifetime living in London and working as a journalist nothing phases me. I’ve made numerous appearances on radio, as well as TV. I’m also an extremely confident public speaker and have hosted events at the House of Lords. In March 2019 I made my first speech at the Lib Dems conference in York to nearly 1000 people. 

Someone once described me as formidable. I don’t know if that’s true but I do have guts, talent, skills and determination to fight for a better future for everyone.


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