I was born and raised in South London, and I’m a mum, journalist, and trustee for a charity working with parents of children under five coping with difficult circumstances. I joined the Lib Dems in August 2018 after becoming increasingly disillusioned with Labour. In May 2019 I became an approved parliamentary candidate, and stood as a PPC in the General Election in December, managing to increase our vote share and get our deposit back in a non-target seat for the first time in several elections.

As a local ward candidate I’ve been a huge supporter of local businesses, worked closely with the local Safer Neighbourhood Team, taken on case work, and successfully lobbied the council on various issues, including idling outside our schools, cycle paths and fly tipping.

I know what it’s like to try to find good affordable local childcare, then fight to get your child into local schools, and as a former member of a local primary school PTA I’m also very aware of the funding issues our schools face.

And I also know what it’s like when our children become teenagers, and you worry about them coming home in the dark after school. Ensuring everyone feels safe and can flourish, whatever their background, is hugely important to me, as is ensuring our NHS is properly funded and our NHS staff and social care workers are properly paid. My mum has end stage Alzheimer’s, so I’m very aware of all the challenges carers face.

Ensuring everyone is able to cycle safely and breathe clean air is extremely important to me, and I’m committed to helping to making the UK as green as possible.

And of course as a pro-European I want to ensure that everyone continues to feel welcome and part of the community.



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