About Liz

Liz Jarvis is the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Eastleigh, an Eastleigh Borough Councillor, journalist, and trustee for a charity supporting families who are coping with challenging circumstances.

She was raised in a Conservative/Labour household where politics was debated at every meal, and was taken on her first march as a toddler.  Her mum, the daughter of Irish migrants, was a social worker, and her dad was from Hampshire and served in the British army in the Middle East, before becoming a fleet personnel officer. Liz attended a large comprehensive school and was the first person in her family to go to university. She started her career in journalism on national newspapers, and had a national newspaper column by the time she was 25. She has edited three magazines and numerous websites, and worked closely with the Southampton cruise industry for over eight years. She has written in a freelance capacity for a variety of newspapers and magazines.

Standing up for Eastleigh

Liz joined the Liberal Democrats after becoming increasingly disillusioned with Labour.   Her experience of interviewing people from all walks of life made her a natural on the doorsteps, and she stood for the Lib Dems in the 2019 General Election. She was elected as an Eastleigh Borough Councillor with a majority of over 1000, and has campaigned in countless by-elections and target parliamentary seat campaigns. She was the Vice-Chair of the party’s official organisation Liberal Democrat Women for two years and worked hard to support female candidates and improve diversity.  She has made very well-received speeches at the party’s conferences, and has contributed to and helped to drive party policy on a broad range of issues. 

She is passionate about ensuring our NHS and social care is properly funded, addressing the GP and dentist shortages, and supporting Eastleigh residents. Liz raised her son on her own so she fully understands the challenges so many families face, and she recently brought forward a council motion calling on the Government to do more to support households with the cost of living emergency. She is also a huge champion of small businesses. Liz’s mum has end stage Alzheimer’s and, knowing how hard so many families struggle to care for loved ones, she wants to see a substantial increase in the carers’ allowance.

Liz being interviewedA confident media performer, Liz is frequently invited to appear on TV and radio and contribute to national and local newspapers.

Liz lives in a village in Eastleigh. She is also a local school governor.

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