Why I stopped supporting Labour and joined the Lib Dems

This is an article Liz wrote for The Independent 

Political commentators are cautious about calling it a Lib Dem fightback but there has been a steady drumbeat from disgruntled Labour supporters looking to the Lib Dems over the past fortnight. A Lexit, you might call it, but not quite the one Jeremy Corbyn envisaged.

Perhaps he should have listened to some of the 700,000 voices on the People’s Vote and Final Say March in October. I was one of them, protesting with the Lib Dems; I joined the party in August after a lifetime of supporting Labour.

Now we learn that opinion among the Labour Party membership has hardened. Nearly three-quarters want a Final Say referendum and 16 per cent have considered quitting just like I did.https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/brexit-labour-lib-dems-final-say-referendum-vince-cable-jeremy-corbyn-a8707616.html